Posted by: dazza | April 26, 2008

McCafe Mochacinno – East Coast Parkway

So we headed to Mcca’s late last wednesday for a dose of warm drinks on a rainy, chilly night.

We rocked up at the counter and made our orders of tea (TEA?! You say on a coffee blog? Well, my friends at least) and a Mochacinno. If I recall correctly, the regular size cuppa cost S$3.80 and I was looking to be disappointed, when I noted that they leave grounded beans in the doser. Boy, is this gonna suck.

Badly taken photo of Exhibit A

I took a glance at their beans ($9.00 for 200gms) and wondered if they were actually repackaged Boncafe beans.

It always delights me when baristas take the time to decorate their drinks, even if it was just a simply shaped cocoa sprinkle. I mean would you smile at ‘peppered’ drink or that?

The latte was very nicely microfoamed, no ‘pea sized’ bubbles. Peeling the foam away, revealed a chocolaty- latte-espresso coloured drink. As I sip my first sip, I was proved wrong of my initial impression.

The damn thing tasted quite nice lah! I mean I know it’s probably because of the chocolate syrup but the bottomline is, I was proven wrong and finished the drink to the last drop. Unlike all the disappointments I’ve had at the joints, this fella surprised me.

Now if only, we could get this consistency at the same joint, not to mention at any joint. I say this because my last rating of this drink at the same venue wasn’t fantastic.

Bean Score: 4 out of 5



  1. How are these locations? Do they look like starbucks? It’s funny to hear McCafe! I would like to see more photos if you have them.

    Are there a lot of stores in your area?

  2. McCafe’s are all over Singapore, mostly tagged on to full sized outlets. I don’t have photos but here’s a page from the Singapore’s McDonald’s website –

  3. It is great to discover your blog. I am a coffee fan too! And I’ve told my friends many times that McCafe serves very good coffee. Latte and Caps. Isn’t it unbelieveable? Cheapest, but best. Although you may not consistently gets the same good frothy milk all the time, but in recent years my best cappucinno comes from McCafe @ East Coast.

  4. Hey Wilson,
    thanks for dropping by! I hope I can keep up with the content, so keep coming back. If you or any other readers wish to add their 2 cents to coffees they’ve had in and around SG, please feel free to send them in!

    While I don’t mind McCafe, if a McCafe and a Gloria Jeans were side by side, I’ll visit the GJs anyday. Except on Free Cone Day with Ben & Jerry’s at Raffles City – too noisy!


  5. Let do a McCafe latte soon man! I suddenly miss having their coffee. Or maybe we should wait til a rainy night or a chilling nite.

  6. I too have had some great cappuccino experiences at the East Coast McCafe, and I am very fussy! They also do a free babycino and the staff are extremely friendly and warm.

  7. Yes, MacCafe coffee beans roasted by Boncafe is indeed a very special blend. Kudo’s to Boncafe!!!

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