Posted by: dazza | April 30, 2008

Old Town White Coffee – Big Splash

A trip down to East Coast Park one Friday afternoon found a mate and I seats at Old Town White Coffee. Here one morning on a Sunday, we turned tails when we saw the line queuing to get in.

“Please wait to be seated” greeted us at the door and not long after we were sat down at a marble-top table with the old school lookin’ chairs. Orders are ‘self-service’ – fill up one of them forms and pass’em to the staff.

OTWC, serves more than kopi and other assortments of bread, but a whole spread of asian dishes – mee goreng, nasi lemak, you get the picture. But we, we were just here for coffee. And so we ordered the signature white coffee and how could we not be tempted by garlic toast!

The coffees arrived nicely foamed kopitiam style. Initially, in both our silences we were wondering “Why is the thing bitter? Thought the kopi tiam kopi would’ve been sweetened with sweetened condensed milk.” Alas, these two moroons realised what the metal jar on the table was for – sugar lah! “DOH!”

I glance at the wall and read their well placed OTWC philosophy. According to the poster, OTWC’s coffee use Robusta, Arabica and Liberica (woah hardly hear that one). In any case, despite the sugar we were wondering what the big deal was with White Coffee’s coffee. Perhaps, it would suit folks who preferred a milder taste. But our preference was for the overdose of sweetened condensed milk from Yakun.

But wait! OTWC redeemed itself for some damn solid tasting Garlic Toasted bread. It arrived nice and hot, which tasted pretty darn awesome, but would’ve been better if the coffee was lagi power abit la!

Bean Score:
3 1/3 out of 5. Not power enough. Try but better order the bread and food too!

Have a great long weekend!

Old Town White Coffee
Big Splash
Block B Unit #01-04/05 Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449874



  1. u can actually have a free meal at old town during peak hours…the waitress dun provide any receipt of orders. you can basically leave without any noticing after eating

  2. Well… that is true.

    But like J.T (Justin Timberlake) sings, “What comes around, goes around….” or is it “What goes around, comes around.”

  3. I think I had Old Town 3-1 coffee sachets over here in melb. Can’t beat the real thing i suppose but its still better than a lot of instant coffee sachets thingies over here.

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