Posted by: dazza | April 22, 2008

Hello from Gloria Jeans

So I was sitting at Cineleisure’s GJ’s yesterday afternoon, I tried posting this as I was there but my 4 year old Powerbook has been failing on me. USB ports that don’t detect devices, Bluetooth that doesn’t sync with my phone… it goes on…

Anyway, I plonked myself there for the first time and was pleasantly surprised they had their own Internet connection which was WAY WAY quicker than the crappy Wireless@SG at Spins across the road. My cafe latte was alright, not fantastic but also WAY better than any Starbucks or CBTL.

My complaint of this GJs, it’s too f*cking hot. In spite of the mist-fans and all, it is just too humid in there. And the thing let made me stay was the Internet speeds, plus the fact I was waiting for a movie to begin. A movie I was catching on a weekday afternoon I might add.




  1. Lousy coffee too. Loud bad music piped from their speakers.

  2. My 8 month old Macbook doesn’t even last an hour on a full charge. To answer your question at my blog, I’m not too sure on the Asian Barista Comp. But I heard the results of this year’s SNBC from my cuz, Keith, who came in 3rd. 1st and 2nd places went to baristi from Spinelli’s. Heard from him that the 2 Spinelli’s barista had their acts down STRAC, so I think this year’s WBC rep from Singapore is at least more presentable. At least they won’t try and pull that Singapore Girl crap like last year’s.

  3. i can’t help it but to stand up for ALL SIA girls and at the same time to educate the ignorants…DID YOU KNOW? that the Singapore Girl is actually the symbol aka representation for Singapore? Places like Europe or other non-asian countries recognises us by the Singapore Girl’s kebaya.So, give some credit to our SIA girls. And i also agree that they (GJ) have not very good music/sounds blasted from their speakers. We’ll see if John Ting can do better than Eileen Cai(not like im a fan of hers).

  4. I think it was the cliched use of the kebaya outfit at the event that was a tad over done. Everyone’s a critic right?

    And I don’t think the comment was meant as an insult to the air host profession, for I used to be with one and I know how hard they work – literally walking to London for example.

    Let’s just wish Singapore luck – national pride ayite (?).

  5. Gloria Jeans coffee is dirt and milk. As far as chains go, Starbucks is definitely better.

  6. gloria jeans is way better than any other cafes.Be different..ppl are jus blindly follow e trend of drinking weak coffee like starbucks!

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