Posted by: dazza | April 22, 2008

Dome cafe cappuccino

Dome Cappucino

This is what I got from Dome at Dempsey the other day. Ok, to be fair I had stirred this already. But the foam were the size of peas and it sure didn’t taste, smell or look like this…

Both photos taken from where my butt was at both times.



  1. That is an awful cappuccino. The sad thing is there are few cafes in Singapore that cares about making the right cappuccino. What would be a difference if I ordered a cappuccino which is no different like a latte but slightly more foam, and make worse, the layer of foam isn’t silky as it is supposed to be. You should have returned your cappuccino with foams the size of peas!!

  2. People who make coffee at dome have no idea.

    Dome is a coffee chain started in Perth, Australia. And Perth is a good place to go for a bad coffee.

    Although there are more cafes popping up there that are starting to make good coffee and starting to educate the baristas.

    Dome has now opened out cafes all over the world, kind of like star bucks, which is a shame to do that with cafes opening them on large scales.
    It takes about the personal touch of a single cup.

  3. hey .. im sorry to hear abt the cappucino at demsey is such a horrible state. why dun u give it a try the singapore art meuseum (DOME).

  4. strange no? had one there the other day and it was perfect. too much cocoa though. barista on off maybe? haha.

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