Ever since returning to Singapore from Australia in ’05, The Journal has been seeking that illusive cup of espresso, capp & cafe latte he had so easily got in the alley cafes of Melbourne. Nearly every overpriced cup of ‘Gourmet Coffee’ the journal has tasted back here since, was either drawn from storm gutters or bitter-gourd soaked coloured water. The Journal’s taste-buds have since acclimatised and has even found some of those illusive shots.

The Journal is not a coffee connoisseur or a professional Barista, it just appreciates a good cuppa pulled (and/or) foamed by a well skilled Barista. It isn’t here to dis anyone, only to spot where it had a good or bad cuppa.

We’re still trying to get our rating system right, but essentially the more Beans these places score the ‘more better’ the drink is. And our scientific test methods? NONE! We like or we don’t like full-stop.

The Journal can be got at lyrradnahc[at]gmail[dot]com. In his regular day job he shoots people for a living as wedding photographer.

Thanks for reading. 😀



  1. Nice blog… definitely subscribed so that I can chase you around for that ultimate coffee experience in Singapore!

  2. Hey lyrradnahc,
    (btw, how do you pronounce your name?)

    Highlander’s Supreme Blend is really good. I only wish they can work out some plans to bring the fresh roasted beans to KL.

    KF Chan

  3. Wow I am so impressed with your blog. I too lived in Australia and terrible miss my late night latte on Lygon Street. You are making me crave to go back. Sighhhh…

  4. Hi,

    Lovely to read your blog.
    Cafe culture also very established in Sydney, where I spent may happy years.

    In fact, just back from Sydney and the venerable Toby’s Cafe. Do try any of their coffee brews. They are very very good.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  5. Chanced upon your blog when I was searching for courses on the art of coffee making. Have to agree wholeheartedly with you on not being able to find THAT good cuppa here in S’pore. I too had my fair share of caffeine dose when I was studying in Perth. Miss that…

    Anyone who knows of any good coffee making classes do share it with me 😉

  6. Hi Winz,
    I know i’ll come across bias there’s the Highlander one you can try. Their link is listed on my blogroll. I’m not aware of other’s, which I’m sure there are running.

    Cheers to caffeine!

  7. Hi ! Great blog. Check out Geek Terminal for your elusive espresso based coffee. Look for Danny i.e. me. Will definitely love to literally pull some shots for you. Using a 3-group leva from La Pavoni. Very high speed wifi available and power at every table to ensure your laptop does not run out of juice too! See ya!

  8. Hi! any idea where can i get “good” coffee beans? Thanks

  9. Guys, what makes you so disappointed… Didnt you know?? Nespresso is finally here in Singapore… Enjoy the Ultimate Coffee Experience in a cup…

  10. Hi, Is this blog still alive? seems to have no activities for a few months?

    Anyone tried the new cafe at 8 Shenton (old Temasek Tower)? Brew1819?

    Closest to Australian coffee as ar as I can taste. Not sure if it’ll pass the “experts” though. I had the latte and now drives past for a take away cup every morning. Got to have it to make my day!

    Just call 3 minutes ahead and they bring it out to the drive way.

  11. Can you tell me where I can buy a Rancilio Silvia in Singapore

  12. Hello,

    I’m contacting you from Time Out Singapore magazine and wanted to see if you would be able to give me a suggestion. I am looking for the best cappuccino in the city. The piece will be covering both the most expensive and the best deal. So if you have a suggestion for a super pricey capp, as well as a cheapy deal, that would be great.

    Thank you so much for your help!


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