Posted by: dazza | August 22, 2007

Searching for good espresso in Singapore

highlander espresso

I got onto a post on Coffee Geek recently after catching it on Crema de la Crema, another Singaporean hunting for that illusive shot.

I’m sure the post and list will grow and at this moment on page 2, our visitor from Seattle gives props and disses on some of the joints here. Wurd to Highlander.

Posted by: dazza | August 22, 2007

Macchiato @ Caffé Ritazza

Having read a mr miyagi post, The big and small of it (See, the power of blog posts) and since I happened to be in Changi Airport’s T2 departure lounge for a photo shoot, I decided to try a double Macchiato at Caffé Ritazza.


The staff did indeed point to a tiny paper cup and asked “Sir, macchiato is served in this size. Is that ok?” He proceeded to heat the cup by purging some hot water, but quite curiously, I wondered why I didn’t hear the burr of a grinder when I saw the barista head straight to the group head and extracted the short. Hmmm, is this some new magical, self-replenishing, self-cleaning portafiler? The only rationale is, there was already ground beans in the basket. Unless he reused the beans? Grrrr…..

It definitely wasn’t a God shot, and it sure as heaven tasted better than the muck from C.B&T.L But if this barista did indeed pull those cardinal sins… Perhaps I was expecting something a bit more shiok after reading mr miyagi’s post, but it was ok. Not puke worthy nor 5 beans worthy either.

Bean Score: 2 1/2 out of 5 – Try lor, no harm.
(Minus points for not using freshly ground beans.)

Insert: Having spent 2 full days in T2, I noted most food outlets on the 1st floor within the departure lounge served their food and drinks in disposable plates and cups.

Posted by: dazza | August 17, 2007

Girl overdoses on espresso coffee

A concerned friend shot this across thru email:

< >

A teenager was taken to hospital after overdosing on espresso coffee.
Jasmine Willis, 17, developed a fever and began hyperventilating after drinking seven double espressos while working at her family’s sandwich shop.

Read more…

Posted by: dazza | August 13, 2007

‘Muck’chiato – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

You know you’re in trouble when the Barista behind the machine asks her manager “Macchiato, like dat ah?” and his response to her – a shrug of his shoulders.

coffee bean and tea leaf - macchiato
Double shot macchiato – cameraphone shot

Am really at quite a loss for words. Foul, horrible or horri-gee-ble for us singlish ones, bitter as hell! Don’t try this unless you want a non-alcoholic Graveyard cocktail (which IMO is the most foul tasting alcohol beverage meant to take one off the dance floor. No wait, all the way to the pavement into the sewers), really. Even 2 packets of sugar couldn’t rescue this. Outlet to remain unnamed, grrrrr…

Bean Score: 1 out of 5 – To commit suicide order this.

Posted by: dazza | August 8, 2007

Boncafé Mocca Blend Beans

The mantra “Cheap and good!” is one I personally take very seriously, well most of the time anyway. So when the bank account crossed below the poverty line, it was time to purchase the cheapest beans we could.

boncafe mocca

Why Boncafé? At S$6.50 for 250gm at Carrefour, Boncafé has a variety of blends and roasts in their Coffee Retail line available in pre-ground and whole bean packs. And ever since we observed that Mcca’s McCafe uses Boncafé beans we’ve been wanting to give ’em a go (quite a pleasant surprise at McCafe, wait have we reviewed that one yet?). So we picked up a pack of Boncafé Mocca – here’s the description lifted off their website;

boncafe moccaThis lively blend of Arabica Coffees has its origins from Central & South America. Medium roasted to give a delightful and aromatic flavour to coffee drinkers of all ages, Boncafé’s Mocca is voted the people’s choice. For those who club to the rhythm of the coffee beans, and to those who waltzes to its scent, let the music play.
left: 27 second pull (click to enlarge)

Wooooo…makes me wanna samba reading that. 😛 Well, I wasn’t dancing from rooftop to rooftop, but it’s an ok drink.

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Posted by: dazza | August 7, 2007

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffee

Ya Kun Coffee

The Asian coffee culture is quite a different ball game from the ‘gourmet’ coffee culture got in the west – the french press and espressos from the cafes and coffee joints. It’s like comparing a baguette to roti prata.

The quintessential south east asian coffee shop known in this region as the Kopi Tiam (wiki kopi tiam) was designed as the food stall for the heartlander, labourer and coolie of the early 1900s. So the food fare wasn’t for the snoots or pomps – our Colonial masters of the time. Stall holders roasted their own coffees typically with the cheaper Robusta beans (insert: sometimes with maize and sugar) and invented their own range of kopis; Read More…

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Live blogomentary on the World Barista Championships

Live blogomentary on zachary zachary at the World Barista Championships.

Our Singaporean representative looked rather nervous – Eleen Cai.

Oh well, our first try. Barista-ism is a Western concept which is still so new here, so I’m sure a lot more folks will step up to the plate next year, and the next, and the next. Good luck then.

UK takes the championship – James Hoffmann

Posted by: dazza | July 29, 2007

tcc – Qahwah Macadamia Nut

Macadamia Nut

For $5.50 a cup (excluding; CESS, GST) I was expecting the cup to come in something a little more grand. I dunno for one, the ‘flavoured Qahwah’ has a page of its on and all I got were 2 lil cookie’s to go with this coffee. Though there was the hint of Macadamia the coffee did taste a little diluted or perhaps I’m a little more demanding, especially since I waited 15mins for this cup at the Funan outlet. Oh well, back to Silvia…

Bean Score: 3 out of 5 – Can try, but don’t expect to get blown off your nuts.

Posted by: dazza | July 22, 2007

Choco Rojak Affragato


Inspired by a Saturday arvo tea (coffee actually) session and desert at an ex-colleague’s place, The Journal attempted to put together an espresso desert with leftovers rummaged from around the kitchen;

  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. Espresso Gelati (thanks Pao!)
  3. Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream
  4. Meiji Chocolate bar (thanks Jodie)
  5. Chocolate Fudge
  6. Highlander Superior Beans

Quite yummy, though the gelati melted so quickly it became more like a milkshake without the shake.

Posted by: dazza | July 17, 2007

Sweet set of Latte Art on Flickr

sweet collection of latte art on flickr here.

These photos are taken from on his flickr page

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