Posted by: dazza | May 6, 2008

Cafe Pralet – Ice Cafe Latte

Cafe Pralet is a cafe set up by Creative Culinaire. The culinary school and cafe run side by side and I popped in over a lunch break one weekend.

I felt a little weird drinking a Ice Cafe Latter after I had just eaten the cafe’s Ayam Tempra. Which was superb don’t get me wrong, but a spicy asian dish followed by milk?! Anways, the cafe latte wasn’t anything fantastic, I felt the espresso shot that was already diluted by sugar syrup, milk and ice was burnt. I mean if I can taste the acrid taste of burnt coffee grinds over all the additives, something’s wrong right? Drinkable but not that bad that I’d send it back like many of you readers have been suggesting I do.

Any-whoo, I ordered a piece of cake to go along with the iced drink and now that was fantastic. I’m sorry for not taking notes, but I didn’t order the cafe’s signature Pralet Cake, but I think I ordered a Irish Cream something something. This was definitely more pleasant to my taste-buds, then the said drink.

Cafe Pralet is located at;
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions



  1. The name of your blog brought me here … coffee! Will frequent more. Wonderful blog you have here.

  2. hey thanks for the reading!!!

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