Posted by: dazza | April 8, 2008

Quickie Review: Obscura Coffee

Hi dee ho!

As promised a really long time ago, a lil’ review on the above mentioned coffee beans from down-under Melbourne. To be fair, this is really just a shout out / quickie review of Obscura’s beans. Tom’s beans only arrived at my door step in mid-January. From the dates labelled on the pack, the beans were roasted early December and I guess it was the end of year peak for the postal service that delayed the delivery. With that said, I think it would be a good assumption to gather that some of the freshness of the roast were lost in transit.

Who are Obscura? Well, read the short intro here in an earlier post, or pay their website a visit

Tom sent me a little bit of everything, and each packet probably made me about 8 cups with some wastage from trial and error grinds. He included a handy taste guide (left) which described the blends. Generally, his descriptions were spot on with what I tasted. In general, crema was rather weak across the board and the beans tended to have a sharp after taste on the tongue. I will attribute that to late delivery of the beans, which was why I feel this is not a fair review. Sorry Tom, I will make this up to you when I visit victoria (cheap plug) before the end of the year I hope.

These are my general thoughts on the blends;

Bruno I assume from the name that the intent was to make this one the stronger blend. The roast was quite dark and I preferred this as an espresso (though everything is fixed with latte! 😉 )

Ma Cherie is quite a light roast with smaller beans. A bit mild for my liking but rather pleasant for those who prefer it. Definitely more doable as an espresso for my sister who doesn’t add sugar.

Dark Horse the roast on this one was equally dark as Bruno, though I notice the beans used here were of a larger variety. Though the taste guide recommends this as an espresso, I preferred this as a milk drink because the taste was a little sharper and I felt the milk took the edge of that.

Mocha had a very strong fragrance of chocolate straight out from the package. However, the aroma kinda fooled my palate as I was expecting a stronger chocolate taste. Compared to beans I got from Atomic coffee and McIvers, mocha taste was much stronger in those blends.

Bold Decaf ermm…. I didn’t try decaf for I think it is a mortal sin to decaffeinate ANYTHING! 😛

So there, ma’quickie review. As I’ve said before, I’m no connoisseur I just describe the coffees I like and dislike. This would have been a better taste taste by folks at coffee geek, if you’re looking for that… well I’m no coffee-techie here. On the flip side, I would have to sample a bit more from Obscura with a more deserving timeline and I promise to do that when I head back. cheers caffeine heads!



  1. Interesting to know.

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