Posted by: dazza | March 23, 2008

SÖÖMA, so good.

This is a lil shoutout to a friend of mine who has just officially opened his cafe at China Square Central – SÖÖMA Coffeehouse.


Terence and I were classmates some 14 years ago, those were the times we were coding in C and throwing Objects at Oriented Programming. After slogging away at the computer for a few years, Terence decided it was time to take a leap and fulfill his ambitions of running an F&B. He quit his job and hit the floor running setting up this modest cafe with fellow partners.

SÖÖMA’s interior is a cosy and very a nicely done up cafe. To the rear of the cafe are some really comfy low cushion seats with bar stools at the front. I really love their prep area / kitchen with steel tops and all. SÖÖMA sells a variety of coffee and bites, at the official opening today I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the drinks, but I’m sure to return again with more of the lowdown of the place.

Til then, cheers.

SÖÖMA is located at;
Nankin Row @
China Square Central
3 Pickering Street #01-04
Singapore 048660
Tel: 6224 2559



  1. […] I did for SÖÖMA Coffeehouse. SÖÖMA was opened by an old school mate of mine from Polytechnic, check out my lil shout-out on the other place I blog over at The Coffee Journal. Check out the photos for now, […]

  2. Mate, you visited it, you shooted it, and you drank it, but you never review it! Will love some honest sh*t from you dude! Cheers!

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