Posted by: dazza | October 15, 2007

Cafe Mocha @ Spinelli’s Heeren

When you’ve been reading up on coffee and am attempting to learn the subtleties of the espresso pulling process, it becomes a hazard visiting the chains when you lean over the counter to observe the barista making your drink. I find myself sometimes being pedantic, much like the day when I ordered a Cafe Mocha at Spinelli’s Heeren.


Here’s what I observed;

  • the barista doing the portafilter wiggle in the group head to dislodge grinds, but NOT dry wiping the basket
  • preheated the cups with the hot water spout
  • overflowing water from the portafilter into the measuring cup, mixing with the pulled shot 😦
  • pulling the shot into a measuring cup and tipping it into the cups/mugs (why destroy the crema?), or isit because the mugs are too big to fit under the rancilio groupheads?

Anyways, the cafe mocha wasn’t to die for, it was a drinkable drink. And the bitterness from the overflow watering was probably masked by the chocolate powder. But I think I would’ve enjoyed the drink better if I hadn’t observed the barista, which is something I have to remind myself not to do next time around. Cheers!

Bean Score: 2 3/4 out of 5. Score deducted for the overflowing water.



  1. tat pic shows a cap.. was that wat you ordered or mocha? espresso beverages differ w the individual doing it..if u feel ure not getting wat ure supposed to be getting u can always request a change.. try starbucks or coffee bean n i bet u wun even be able to have a sip looking at how the drink is being prepared.. eeuww..

  2. Nope I ordered a Mocha and technically this should be ok. The misconception is that a capp comes with a dusting of cocoa powder, hence some cafes charge you more for that. However, the difference in a capp vs a cafe latte is the milk to foam ratio in the cup.

  3. i work in spinelli’s.. interesting comments abt spinelli’s here..

  4. Ah ha! So does that mean someone in your stores not is standardizing? Well, as long as the drink is palatable… otherwise sometimes we’d get too pedantic…

  5. the word is passion.. while the company always sets itself straight abt coffee and the way it shld be done there will always be one or two black sheeps who lacks the passion needed for the job.. hence the problem coffee lovers n makers likewise face in singapore.. the coffee culture definitely has to improve..

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