Posted by: dazza | September 10, 2007

McCa’s McCoffees

The journal’s been M.I.A for a couple of weeks now due to a certain national ‘commitment’ called I.C.T – In Camp Training. Finally back in civilization we take a go at McCafe – East Coast Park.


We placed orders for a Macchiato, Cafe Latte and a Cafe Mocha. The McCa’s staff typically get customers to sit once orders have been placed while they prepare the drinks. The actual pricing of drinks escapes us now, but we recall it being slightly more affordable than S$4.00 cafe lattes at Starbucks.

Macchiato – definitely not a God shot, there was some bitterness within and nothing really exciting, which honestly I was prepared for anyway. Because not all of us are connoisseurs, I think the joints expect us to fix it with some sugar (a sin I tell ya!)

Cafe Latte – was rather milky which lost the taste of the espresso shot within. The foam was surprisingly worthy. Something so easy to achieve, it perplexes us how many coffee joints get away with serving bubbled milk.

Cafe Mocha – There was enough chocolate syrup that sweetened the drink without the need for sugar, with a generous dusting of chocolate powder. Again, nothing exciting but palatable.

Despite being the fastfood chain that they are, we honestly reckon that the coffee at McCafe taste way better than some of the coffee chains, at least the drinks do not taste like the swill at another coffee joint. McCafe doesn’t serve you connoisseur worthy drinks, but if we were forced at gun point to make a choice between McCafe and C.B.T.L, we’d pick the clown in the red boots.

Bean Score: 3 out of 5 – Try lor, no harm.



  1. I have to say the cups look great especially the Macchiato. If only they tasted as good eh?

    KF CHan

  2. The standard of McCafe coffee has improved slightly. But still, I rather spend a few more bucks on Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

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