Posted by: dazza | August 13, 2007

‘Muck’chiato – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

You know you’re in trouble when the Barista behind the machine asks her manager “Macchiato, like dat ah?” and his response to her – a shrug of his shoulders.

coffee bean and tea leaf - macchiato
Double shot macchiato – cameraphone shot

Am really at quite a loss for words. Foul, horrible or horri-gee-ble for us singlish ones, bitter as hell! Don’t try this unless you want a non-alcoholic Graveyard cocktail (which IMO is the most foul tasting alcohol beverage meant to take one off the dance floor. No wait, all the way to the pavement into the sewers), really. Even 2 packets of sugar couldn’t rescue this. Outlet to remain unnamed, grrrrr…

Bean Score: 1 out of 5 – To commit suicide order this.



  1. Gosh, I LOVE your coffee blog! wonderful photos! I just want to tell you how we make really good coffee here in Marrakesh. You take some whole milk, heat it to boiling, add crystals of Nescafe right into the milk. Add two or three teaspoons of sugar, to taste. Moroccans sometimes add ground black pepper to their coffee.

    If you really want to jazz it up (but this is not done by most Moroccans), stir in some cardomom powder–that’s my favorite. You can also add a little cinnamon (go lightly), nutmeg, and vanilla. If I add vanilla, I always add a few grains of salt to balance it.

    Margot in Marrakesh
    “Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic”

  2. I want to get your RSS feed, but can’t find it! (not for the comments, I want the whole blog). When you rebuilt your sidebar, I think you forgot to add back in the widget that says “Meta.” If you add it in your sidebar, the RSS feed will be right there (I recommend putting it at the top of the column, where people can find it).

    Margot in Marrakesh

  3. You didn’t request for another one done or a refund maybe?

  4. Thank you Margot, I’ll give that recipe a try! Also I’ve added the feed now. Cheers!

    Nut: Well, I think Boonito would do that wouldn’t he? “What salami? You find me one and I’ll eat it!”

  5. This is certainly a big cup. I thought macchiatos come in espresso cups with just a dollop of foam?

  6. lol~~ He was obviously not with you that day then!

  7. Ha ha ha, that’s a nightmare of a Macchiato.

    One horrible “sin” I frequently noticed at Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf is that they will retain an unused shot and give it to the next customer. Not for those who asked for espresso shot I hope. They try to pass that to me when I ordered a vanilla latte once.

    I of course asked them to do me a new shot. So, in CB, always check if you are getting a fresh shot. One can’t be too careful.

  8. […] definitely wasn’t a God shot, and it sure as heaven tasted better than the muck from C.B&T.L but if the barista did indeed pull those cardinal sins… Perhaps I was expecting something a […]

  9. […] taste way better than some of the coffee chains, at least the drinks do not taste like the swill at another coffee joint. McCafe doesn’t serve you connoisseur worthy drinks, but if we were forced at gun point to […]

  10. hey kfchan, tat was wat exactly happened to me.. i was at CBTL East Coast.. the SHIFT IN CHARGE was the one who did it.. effortlessly slip in a used expired shot into my vanilla latte.. was totally mugged down by me for tat.. worst still if i hadnt interfered they wld have shortchanged me with a shot of espresso, an expired shot at tat.. terrible!!!

  11. […] but the bottomline is, I was proven wrong and finished the drink to the last drop. Unlike all the disappointments I’ve had at the joints, this fella surprised […]

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